Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yoko Matsugane 松金 洋子 33 pics

Mari Shimomura

Miwa Oshiro 大城 美和

Oshiro Miwa (大城 美和, born August 26, 1983) is a Japanese gravure idol, model and actress.Born in Hokkaido, Japan on August 26, 1983 from a okinawan father and mother from Hokkaido. Best known for her appearances in films "Eiken" and "Hunabku".

Nozomi Takeuchi 竹內 のぞみ Gravure Idol

Nozomi Takeuchi (竹内のぞみ/竹内希実 Takeuchi Nozomi?, born June 25, 1980) is a Japanese gravure idol, and a female talent. She is from Okazaki, Aichi, belonged to the show-business production Yume Kikaku. Her nickname is 'Kojocho' (means a factory manager), derives from her handle name of the official blog. She graduated from 'Kunitachi College of Music' (in Japan), and plays the piano.